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E1's engines were removed by United Air Lines after donation to the Museum.  Aluminum beams were fabricated to allow the cowling to be installed giving the impression there were engines installed.  There were none.

  After extensive discussions, FedEx came through and donated three serviceable engines for the ferry flight. Because the FedEx side engines had a special FedEx/Pratt & Whitney hush kit installed, which we determined would not be usable on our old airplane, it was decided we would go with three center engines, which do not have the full hush kit treatment, and build two of them up into the side pod positions.  To facilitate that, FedEx also loaned us two hush kitted side engines that we could use for parts.  They also provided us with three wheel-around shop stands and five shipping stands, as well as a great deal of parts and technical support.  FedEx support for this project has been exemplary and without it, we would be in no position to fly this airplane.  More than that, their support has been eager and enthusiastic.  We cannot thank them enough.

The following photo essay shows the engines from arrival until installation on the airplane.

Engine Nbr 1 - built-up

Engine Nbr 3 built-up

Cowl fit checks

Removal of Dummy Nacelles

We are donating these dummy engines to the Spokane Airports Authority and will help them install them on an airplane at Spokane International  Airport in the Spring.

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