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E1 - as the first Boeing 727 ever built - has a lot of stories to tell.  For one thing, it was unique (until the 777) to be a Prototype airplane that actually went into service with an airline.  ( All the other Prototypes stayed as Flight Test airplanes.)    So, it had a double life. Triple, if you count the 25 years with the Museum of Flight.

 And, because all the airline crews knew it was Number One, it received special "recognition" - in the form of graffiti that covered every nook and cranny.  In fact, I have a special section just devoted to the Graffiti.  So, here is a photo essay of some interesting things in our girl's life.

Boeing 727 "Top Drawing" - Side View - drawn 14 Feb 1961

Artist's conception

Press Release

     Assembly 1962

A United Flight Crew takes an early peek at their new airplane in mockup form.

Rollout at Renton - 27 Nov 1962

Outside the factory

Night before First Flight - on flight line at Renton

 First Flight - 9 Feb 1963

Lew Wallick, Dix Loesch, Marv "Schuley" Shulenberger

After the First Flight


The First Airbus - before Airbus

First Landing - at Paine Field - also location of last landing - or, we hope, the next-to-last Landing!


  E2 - #2 Airplane - N72700
This airplane is often confused with the Prototype N7001U

E3 - the Third Airplane - 1963 - N7002U

  with Bob Bogash

     Lew Wallick - First Flight Pilot

 In service for 27 years with United Air Lines

The airplane wore a number of UAL color schemes over the years

Carried an estimated 3 million passengers

In 1984, I received a donation commitment from United's CEO and President.  Subsequently, in 1988, there was a donation ceremony - actually a pre-donation ceremony.  The airplane was flown into Boeing Field as a Charter and re-named The Spirit of Seattle.

Last Revenue Flight - 13 January 1991

Getting ready for her last revenue dispatch from SFO

History seekers with the crew


The two mechanics who dispatched N7001U from SFO on its last revenue flight


Paperwork for the Final Flight    SFO - BFI - PAE

 Crewing for Final Flight was opened to bidding and filled by Seniority.
 Captain of Final Flight was Jimmy Carter (center), who I talked with several times.  During President Jimmy Carter's campaign,  he chartered a plane from United, and Capt. Carter was the pilot.

 This made for great laughs on the part of the press corps and all aboard, since Jimmy Carter was flying Jimmy Carter.

The last Logbook Page





Dispatch and push-out of N7001U last revenue flight 838 from SFO

On board the final revenue flight 838 SFO - SEA  13 March 1991


   Arrival Boeing Field

   Enroute Sea-Tac to Boeing Field

The last C of A reflecting the 1964 delivery to United.

The final Registration Certificate

Radio License


The ferry flight 9350 from Sea-Tac to Boeing Field carried United and Boeing notables, including First Flight Pilot Lew Wallick.

25 Years of Museum Working on Number One

 Our restoration efforts make the Smithsonian Magazine - March 2013

One of several wash jobs

             Eight (8) main wheel changes in one day!

The current Registration

The Museum of Flight has created a series of opportunities for you to own your piece of N7001U history.  With a contribution to The Museum of Flight, you can choose to receive your own embroidered patch, postal cover or a scale model 727 – all of which will have flown on the final flight.  All donations will directly support future restoration projects.  Click here to donate and learn more:  https://www.museumofflight.org/727

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