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Keeping this report up to date is a chore, so I am behind!  I plan to add material as time permits.  The below details some of the work done through the end of 2004.  There has been a lot of activity.

Progress Report 28 October 2004

A critical event occurred yesterday, 27 October, when a 7 man Boeing AOG Team surveyed the airplane for structural and airworthiness issues that might stand between us and a successful ferry flight.

Most of the team, which included AOG Planning, AOG Quality, and Service Engineering, had, for example, participated in the 'second' restoration of the B-307 Stratoliner after its water landing in Elliott Bay.  Areas of already known concern to us were examined, as well as areas they were knowledgeable about.  The entire fuselage crown was examined, as was the S-Duct, the keel beam, wheel wells, wing spars and skins, and main landing gear support structure.  A fuel tank entry was made and an extensive examination of the RH inboard tank structure was made.

A written report will be prepared and forwarded to me within about a week.  At a verbal de-brief after the survey, certain issues were discussed along with some recommendations for additional inspection.  They agreed to do some NDT testing and evaluation of certain key components at no cost to the museum. But, the Bottom Line was:  They felt the airplane was in excellent condition, given its length of storage (better than some in-service airplanes, was the comment made,)  and saw no major structural or airworthiness obstacles to perfoming the sought after ferry flight.  They helped us especially with advice on some critical question areas we had - such as flap track integrity - that will significantly speed our work.

  Boeing AOG Survey Team with T.C.

       Really getting into things!

A good-looking wing tank structure --  42 years old!


Here's what it looked like 42 years ago.......  

Progress Report  August - September 2004

While Steve has been way-laid by some home and medical problems, T.C. has gained valuable support from Boeing, Goodrich, and a number of parts suppliers and vendors.

A number of needed components (like hydraulic filters), have been located and obtained, along with lengths of bulb seals, which he has been installing in Kreuger flap leading edge areas.

Progress Report 28 Jul 2004

We got some good P.R.  today in an article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.  T.C. got his mug in the paper in a nice color picture.  You can find it here:

Steve is on a temporary stand-down due to a plumbing crisis in his house.  We know what those are like.

  Another reminder as to why we're doing all this!

Progress Report 26 Jul 2004

All Jackscrews have now been removed from FedEx (E371) as well as many of the transmissions.  Flap drive torque tubes are also being removed.

  Removed torque tubes tagged and stored on E371.

Terry has obtained a good supply of donated metal-cal (foil) marker ID tags for use on our removals, many of which had no ID markings.  They came from: 

Jeff Dabbs	
GM Nameplate
2040 15th AVE W
Seattle, WA 98119

Many thanks to Jeff and GM Nameplate!
Progress Report 8 Jul 2004

The four flap jackscrews have been removed from the LH flaps.

Most flight and engine instruments have been removed from the forward instrument panels.

Progress Report 1 Jul 2004

A progress evaluation was held Thursday Jul 1, to review work activities and decide on trailing edge flap issues.

A new work table and book case was built and installed by Bruce Sutherland on Tuesday 29 Jun in the fwd RH cabin.

The airplane RH side (E1)  - very green from moss and mildew, was pressure washed by Museum volunteer Barry Horner
, and looks better than it has looked in several years.  Thanks, Barry!



Damage to FedEx N124FE was found after the county mowed the grass around the airplane on Saturday.  The LH slat fence was severely damaged and the RH inbd aft flap was also struck.  We can operate around that damage.  Airport officials came and observed the damage and  action was promised.

Enough serviceable bearings have been recovered from both airplanes' Kreuger flaps to make a complete shipset.  They will be point staked onto the E371 Kreuger flap hinge arms.

The corrosion on the LH aft body of E1 will be repaired in a manner similar to the RH side - rivets drilled out, lap joint corrosion cleaned up, and replacement fasteners - either nuts and bolts, or blinds, installed.

We obtained an IPC (Illustrated Parts Catalog) from FedEx and added it our document library.

We have been given access to Boeing drawings and engineering support through Boeing My Fleet by Alan Mulally.

All the FedEx flap track fairings and canoes have been removed, and work has started on removing the jackscrews and gearboxes.

  Landing gear doors, fore flaps, flap track fairings removed

I have begun disassembling the cockpit and removing instruments and panels.  Removed parts will be kept as spares for E1 or cycled into the Museum's education and exhibits program.

After close examination of the flaps, tracks, and carriages on both airplanes, it was decided that:

1- The Numbers 4 and 5 flap tracks on E1 will be retained without replacement.  Track 5 will be properly installed - it currently only has minimal fasteners.

2- The flaps from FedEx (E371) will be removed and installed on E1, with the exception of the RH outbd foreflap, which is missing from FedEx, and possibly the RH inbd aft flap, which was damaged by an airport mower.  The carriages from E371 will be moved to E1 - E1's carriages and rollers are badly corroded and will no longer accept grease.

3- E1's flap tracks will be cleaned of rust and lubricated or protected from further corrosion.

Progress Report 24 Jun 2004

Main Landing Gear Hockey Stick Doors have been removed from FedEx. 


Door before Removal....and,  after  its removal

Work on removing the fore-flaps has begun.

Steve Huemoeller - Chief Mechanic

Stev Huemoeller   


Terry Howard ("T.C.") - Chief Engineer

T.C. Howard   

Progress Report 15 Jun 2004

Steve and T.C. Howard have been working steadily on replacing E1's Kreuger flaps.  All flaps have now been removed from both airplanes.  Installation of the FedEx flaps on E1 is beginning.

  Kreuger flaps removed from E1


Donor flaps from N124FE - removed subsequent to these pictures.

Last Meeting  Minutes

Meeting was held Weds, May 19, 2004 at PAE.

Attendees:  Sutherland, Huemoeller,  Howard, Dale Ranz, Bogash

We reviewed our plans, work accomplished to date, possible help from Boeing, and a configuration for a ferry flight.

 Dale has volunteered to be the pilot.  He is currently qualified on the airplane.

We then inspected the airplanes and discussed  problems encountered with removing the badly corroded Kreuger flaps from E1.

A structural survey is needed fairly urgently to direct the path we intend to follow, i.e. fly the airplane or restore to non-airworthy display condition.  T.C. Howard is working this issue.

Steve has been working on the airplane steadily.  All the Kreugers have now been extended and several have been removed.

       Badly corroded Kreuger Flaps


E1 Kreuger flaps - to be replaced.

Last Meeting

Saturday morning, March 20, 2004, a meeting was held at the Museum of Flight Restoration Center, Paine Field at 0900 hours (9:00 AM.)
We  discussed the plans for transferring parts from our FedEx donor airplane to our Prototype airplane, followed by a tour of both airplanes.

Attendees:  Sutherland, Muscat, Cawvey,  Cole, Howard, Graham, Huemoeller, Sandvig, Nord, Bogash

Action Items

It was decided to conduct a structural survey of N7001U to determine whether it could be made airworthy for a ferry flight.  Certain structural issues involving corrosion are known.  A group of retired Boeing Quality Assurance and Liason Engineering personnel will be assembled to examine and assess the airplane.   ACTION:  T.C. Howard

A FedEx Maintenance Manual is available on CD and will be provided by FedEx.  ACTION:  Jack Cole

An A.D. Compliance Run and a Component Time Change Log will be obtained from Dave Sutton of FedEx.  ACTION:  Bob Bogash

Saw-horse and plywood work tables will be built and installed in the aft right main cabin of the FedEx 727.  ACTION:  Bruce Sutherland
COMPLETE:  3 Apr 2004

We will use the United Air Lines Maintenance Record System to write up discrepancies and maintenance actions.  Huemoeller and Bogash have supplies of the forms.

A search will be undertaken for an I.E. to help create planning paperwork and perhaps construct bar charts.

Consideration will be given to  swapping certain components between airplanes, over and above just replacing missing hardware.  In particular, items which may be replaced on N7001U include: Flap tracks, trailing edge flaps, Kreuger flaps, wheels and tires, main gear hockey stick doors, and tail skid.  Replacing the entire horizontal stabilizer and elevators (which are currently AD compliant on FedEx N124FE) was also discussed.

Paint will be scraped or removed from  a half dozen windows on N124FE to allow light into the cabin.
COMPLETED  by  Steve H.  12 Apr 2004

Re-activation of the aft airstairs on N7001U will be researched to allow the airplane to be locked. 

FedEx gave permission to discard  a lot of unwanted items, e.g. cabin liners and insulation blankets.
Insulation Blankets discarded. Steve H. 12 Apr 2004.

Previous actions on N124FE:  Cabin clean-up; sealing of holes in fuselage and windshields; and padlocking the aft airstair and E/E hatch.

Airplane cabin as received.


Airplane cabin after cleanup with Bruce Sutherland's work tables

Cabin after cleanup

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