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Bob Bogash

Bob Bogash

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Some  photos from my collection of early 737 Ops.

Crowd awaiting First Flight (which was delayed about 2 hours to replace a hydraulic pump.)

PA099 - First Flight - 9 April 2017

Prototype airplane PA099 on Boeing Flight Line

One of the first 8 airplanes (7 flight) that were built in Plant II.
Here -  being taken across the street into the new factory (Thompson Site.)

Airplane Nbr 3 - ultimately D-ABEB

Airplane Nbr 3 - N2286C - landing Rwy 13R at Boeing Field

Airplane Nbr 4 - N2289C
This was the first 737 delivered -as D-ABEC - 28 Dec 1967

Airplane Nbr 6  -  N9001U for United Air Lines
The first -200 model.  (The fifth flying airplane.)

Nbr One on the Boeing Flight Line

After first landing at Paine Field

PG199 - N737Q - doing low pass along the Seafair hydro boat race course

Lufthansa 737-230  D-ABCE with the new Thrust Reversers

PA099 - Visit to Museum about 1995

Fall - 2016  in Aviation Pavilion

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