Moving the B-52 Midnight Express

Bob Bogash

Bob Bogash      
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Beginning Monday 19 March 2018, the Boeing B-52 2584 Midnight Express began her journey to her new home at the Museum of Flight's Seattle Campus.  The journey will comprise three phases - Disassembly, Transport, and Re-assembly.

The first phase, Disassembly, began with the arrival of the crew from Worldwide Aircraft Recovery from their home base in Omaha, Nebraska.  They had previously moved our Super G Constellation from Rome, New York to Seattle in September 2009.  Details here.

Vertical fin fairings were removed and the fin prepared for removal.    First it will be rotated around its right side fittings and laid down in a horizontal position.

The underside of the aft fuselage was accessed for removing the horizontal stabilizers. 

These access panels had not been opened in 27 years.

Landing gear doors were removed and loaded for transport.

Engine cowlings were removed - including nose cowls.

They had been completely overhauled by MOF Everett volunteers

Some of them were real "basket cases" and had to be completely re-built and re-skinned

The external tanks were removed and loaded for movement to Boeing Field (BFI.)

Fuel tank access doors were removed and tanks were entered for the first time in many years.

The Old Girl is the center of attention .....  again

My trusty RV-12 taxi for my many MOF jobs.

Next up - removing the engines and pylons

Man, this bird has a lot of engines!

Pylon removal

Marty Batura - Head guy at Worldwide

Loading up for movement to Boeing Field

Wings after pylon removal

Beginning work on the wing-body attachment

Arrival of first load at staging area of Museum of Flight

   John Purvis photo

Removal of the Vertical Fin

The airplane is turned 90 degrees and moved south

Just a couple of big bolts hold that massive fin to the fuselage

Ready to hit the road for Boeing Field

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