B-52G 59-2584 Midnight Express


Paine Field (PAE) -  Everett, Washington

B-52G 59-2584



B-52G     B-52G

B-52G    B-52G



B-52G Nose    B-52G Left side fuselage

Tail Section

B-52G Fin    B-52G Tail




Outrigger Landing Gear
B-52G Outrigger  B-52G Outrigger   B-52G Outrigger wheel well

Engine Nacelles





Cockpit Panels


B-52G Cockpit - LH   B-52G Cockpit Center Panel   B-52G Cockpit - RH

Both pilots have ejection seats, which eject upwards

B-52G Cockpit - Laft sidewall   B-52G Cockpit - Pedestal    B-52G Cockpit - RH Sidewall

  Overhead Panel

B-52 "Can"  The "Can" on a B-52, complete with toilet paper.  There's no galley!

Note:  This is officially called a "chemical toilet" and also has the name Defense Instructor's Station - complete with seat belt!

Bomb Bay

B-52G Bomb Bay    B-52G Bomb Bay 

Now THAT'S a Bomb Bay!

Landing Gear



Wheel Wells




Top Deck


Looking Forward to Cockpit (Left) and Aft to Upper Deck Crew Stations (Right)

Upper Deck Crew Stations


Electronic Warfare Officer's Station (Left)  --  Gunner's Station (Right)   

These face aft and eject upwards


Hatch to Lower Deck 

 Lower Deck Crew Stations


Radar Navigator (Bombardier) Station (Left) -   Navigator Station (Right)

These face forward and eject downwards


Here's the heart of this bomber's mission - the Weapons Control Panel - with the Nuclear Arming Switches


  Hatch from Lower Deck to exit the airplane

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