The Boeing 727 Prototype Airplane

This section details the design, construction, flight testing, in-service operation, retirement and restoration of  an historic airplane - N7001U  - the Boeing 727 Prototype Airplane.  Click on the links next to the photos to go to the relevent area.

   Current Status - This Project is ACTIVE

   Airplane and Project History

   Early Design and Flight Test History

   Airplane Photos

   Cabin Photos - coming

   Cockpit Photos - coming

  The Restoration Project Crew

   Restoration Work Status Reports

   Test Airplanes 2 and 3

   The Last 727

N874AA   Our "Other" 727 - an American Airlines 727-200

N124FE   One of our 727 Parts Donor Airplanes - a Fed Ex 727-100C

Orca Bay N7270B    Another 727 Parts Donor Airplane - Orca Bay 727-200

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