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March 2, 2016
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The Last Flight of the 727 Prototype Airplane has generated  a huge number of photographs, videos, audio tapes, and articles.  Here is a collection.

0730 at Aviation Technical Services (ATS) hangar
The ship has been fueled with 15,000 lbs of Jet-A and the towbar is being attached.
After 25 years, today is the day - with a big smile, I'm ready!

The Ship's Logbook has been signed by A&P David Wittrig of SOAR
and has been found to be "safe for the intended flight."

David with Capt. Tim Powell

It was then signed by DAR Bruce Beadell on behalf of the FAA as compliant with the SFP Special Flight Permit allowing the ferry to Boeing Field.

David and myself, shaking after receiving our Special Airworthiness Certificate.

The coveted Certificate

David and Kenn Finister leaving their  signatures after a job well done.

I rode the brakes for the tow over to Future of Flight's ramp.
Here's Bruce waving good luck - he came out to see our departure.

Approaching FOF - crowds of fans had begun to assemble for the special occasion.

Time to push back for the last time

Quite a crowd now

Taxiing to the Runway - Wow!  This is quite an event!

The first of two water cannon arches

Lined up on Runway 16R

Flight Engineer Ralph Pascale with Mike Scott in the background

The following great departure photos by Chris Raezer of Boeing Airworthiness
(including our photo/chase plane)

Lining up on Runway 16R


One of my favorites - E1 is tasting the skies - one more time.
It's what all these years of hard work have been all about.

The following pictures were taken by Jim Larson from the Piper Aerostar chase plane flown by Chuck Lyford and his son Charlie.

Right turn towards the Sound

Co-pilot Mike Scott tries out the controls - she flew beautifully

Per a lot of requests - here we are in "cruise" - 160 kts and 2500 ft

Fuel burn for the entire trip was only 2200 lbs = 329 gals.
Departure fuel was 15,000 lbs.

On approach into Boeing Field, my wife Dot (in the red coat) cranes to see us on Final.

Chris Banks took the following two fine pictures

From my viewpoint looking over Tim Powell's shoulder
 landing Runway 13 R at Boeing Field

A nice video of the landing Click here.

An excellent video of approach and landing from the east side on YouTube
Click Here

A nice YouTube video taken from the Museum - Click here

Reflecting ourself in the Museum windows behind the welcoming crowd

With Museum Chairman Bill Ayer
"Bill, I hereby deliver N7001U to you at the Museum, as requested."

With my wife Dot - "It's OK Dot, I'm safe, you can stop crying."
Julie Airis was the United Stewardess representing UAL at the rollout of the first 727 - this very plane - in November 1962 (holding the picture - she's in the center.)

Congratulations all around
Left:  Evan Elliott and Tom Cathcart shaking on the arrival
Right: T.C. Howard, Jim Munneke, and John Catanzaro

United pilots - current and retired
Rt:  Tim Powell, Bob Bogash, Doug King (Museum President)

Flight Attendants too - see their write-up here with lots of pix

The Flight Crew
Bob Bogash - Project Manager and Safety Pilot
Ralph Pascale - Flight Engineer
Mike Scott - Co-pilot
Tim Powell - Captain

Behind every man is a Good Woman - my wife Dot who lives with my airplane passions
and long hours.

Curator Dan Hagedorn boarding his new on-site artifact

  Meeting with Boeing Test Pilot Brien Wygle who flew the 737 First Flight
  Addressing the gathering (my remarks here.)

Afterwards, Capt. Tim Powell received the coveted Wright Bros. Master Pilot Award from the FAA for 50 years of Accident, and Incident free flying.

Meet Mr. Dario  Bradic.  His handle is "727Forever".  Which means he really likes 727s.  He must - he came all the way from Croatia to see E1's last flight!

A YouTube video of a Flt Sim recreation done by Max Welliver
Click here

Looking into the Museum at her new neighbors....

If we bring her, they will come.......
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Photographs are Copyright their respective Owners.  Used with Permission.