The Last 727

Last 727

On November 27, 1962, the first 727 was rolled out of the Boeing Renton plant.  Twenty Two years later, on  August 14, 1984, the 1832nd and last 727 was rolled out of the same plant.  It was the most successful commercial airplane production run in history, and not many people believed it would ever be surpassed  ---  but, of course, the 737 has - now passing 10,000 !  Still, the 727 was ubiquitous, seen on every runway and in front of every terminal in the world.  One place in particular, New York's LaGuardia airport, was known affectionately as the 727 airport.

The last 15 airplanes were 727-200 freighters built for Federal Express, the very last was tail number N217FE.  it was hoped that the first airplane, N7001U would make an appearance - the first and the last - but, alas, she was still a hard-working machine, and in the end, United couldn't spare her for even a few hours during the busy summer season.  (It was about that time that I decided to try and obtain N7001U for posterity - and did successfully.  The story here.)

Last 727

Last 727

You can buy a model of N217FE here
or here.

It is perhaps fitting that a Federal Express 727 - N124FE  -  was used as the parts donor for the Number One airplane, now a museum piece at the Museum of Flight in Seattle.


FedEx flew the airplane for 28 years, during which time it was re-engined with JT8D-217 engines on the side pod positions for compliance with noise rules.  Line number 1832 flew for FedEx, spent some time in the desert at Victorville, and then moved on to her new owners 20 Nov 2012, when it  went to T2 Aviation in the UK....

 ..... and subsequently modified to spray oil dispersal agent on oil spills and placed in world-wide service.

Some nice photos of her in her new role as an oil dispersant sprayer can be found here.

Oil spray story here.

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