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Bob Bogash
Bob Bogash

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I dedicate this section of my website to my good friend Chris Longridge.  We were good friends for over 40 years and he was one of the very few with whom I could have an "intelligent" conversation about airplanes, airlines, and aviation history.

As I wrote in my Memorial (Click here to read):

Hardly any of my remaining friends can discuss the differences between a Comet 4B and 4C (length, wing span, slipper tanks); about the merits of the Dart Herald vs the F-27; the location of the exhaust stacks on the R-R Merlin engines on the Canadair DC-4M North Star/Argonaut (one of his favorites); the transport with the most completely different engines (Convair 240 series - 4 manufacturers); Stratocruisers - square windows, round windows, or both?; and he also loved Connies (of course!)  And, occasionally, I bested him in the discussion - but not often!

And so, Chris, R.I.P. dear, dear friend - I miss you so much.  More than a lot.  With whom can I continue our discussions on the airlines that chose the R-R Conway for the 707 (and DC-8) - and why.  And especially, which was the best paint scheme on the Bristol Britannia (clearly British Caledonian, Chris, with that great gold Lion on the deep Navy blue fin - sorry Chris, you're definitely wrong on that one!)

It is no exaggeration to say that Chris sat here by my side as I prepared these various photo pages, and we discussed and enjoyed every single one.  Maybe, some day, Chris, we'll do it for real.  Maybe....

Background to this Photo Collection

I have been an airplane fan my entire life.  And an avid photographer.  Put the two together and I have amassed a huge photo collection.  Huge!  Tens or hundreds of thousands of photographs.

  My first airplane picture - about 1951

Over the past few years I have tried to digitize, organize and process part of my collection.  I have been organizing the images into Airports and Airlines, and have now created a series of Web Pages that showcase just some of my efforts. Some are great; some not so good.  But all represent a time gone by.  This is a huge effort and I hope I can get lots more completed in my time left.  A lot of the pages also include short stories about some of the specific airplanes, as well as biographical snippets about my aviation life.  You can stick to the airplane eye candy or read some of the comments as well - your choice.  Best viewed on a good computer screen, or even a tablet.  Phones will leave you very short.  Click on the Link to go to the web page.


     Honolulu  1972-1979

   Idlewild / JFK  1957 - 1968   2 pages

   LAX by the Tracks - 1963

  La Guardia  1955 - 1968

   Renton  1963 - 1968   3 Pages

   Sea-Tac  1963 - 1968

Coming:  Boeing Field - East and West sides; Paine Field;  LAX 1967;  SFO and L.A. 1963-1968, Montreal 1968-1972, Assorted European.


   Seaboard World


Nordair, Aloha, TransCarib, many more coming

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