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This web section is dedicated to the memory of Tom Brosamle (SK) - WB0YNX
 "The Voice of Iowa"

Tom Brosamle WB0YNX
WB0YNX  1941 - 2010

I first "met" Tom on the bands.  It was about the year 2004 on 14.250.  I think I was calling CQ and he responded with a BIG signal - he always had a BIG signal!!!  We talked for about 10 minutes, when another ham came up on frequency.  Tom welcomed him to join and seemed to know him.  Then a few more came on board.  Pretty soon, there were a dozen hams on, who all seemed to know each other.  I wondered what had happened to "my QSO"?  Of course, it was Net Time for the Calabash Group, and, unbeknown to me, Tom had smoothly taken over the frequency!  What an operator. 

Eventually, I joined the group, and enjoyed watching him move other "squatters" off 250.  Boy, he was slick.  Of course, sometimes, we moved.  I always liked his description of finding an open spot on the band - "That's what that big round knob is for, in the middle of your radio!"  He always had a bodaciously huge signal, so most people didn't mind his using their frequency - and he always graciously invited everyone to stick around and join in.

The story of The Calabash Group is given on the next pages.  But, basically it's a ragchew net where everyone spouts off and helps solve the world's problems.  Politics, airplanes, guns - I think - were our favorite subjects.  But nothing was off limits.  I told Tom he needed to come West to visit us and enjoy a cool one on my deck watching the ships go by.  One day, in about 2008, he called and said he was coming.  He  jumped in his pickup, and two days later was in my driveway.  We spent a few days hamming and looking at my airplanes; then he visited a few more members of the group, before heading back home.

Tom - WB0YNX.  On the Ferry from Seattle to my place.         Visiting one of my "Toys" - the Concorde at the Museum of Flight

So, we got to meet face-to-face - finally - something many hams never get to do, despite years and years of talking on the radio.  Well, in October 2009, I bought a pickup truck on eBay - it was in Orlando, so I drove it home.  I got to stop at a number of ham pals along the way - including Tom's.  So we got to meet face-to-face twice, at each of our locations (QTH.) 

Tom - WB0YNX             In Tom's "Shop Shack"                   Bob - W7DDD

Tom had not one, but two great stations, loaded with both new and antique gear, and two towers!  Geez.  See some of the pictures below.

As explained in the following pages, the Calabash Group began with a ragchew between Tom and four hams in South Africa, that continued for 1198 consecutive nights!  It expanded to many U.S. and Canadian hams, and continued with the North American contingent after the sunspots quit and the bands went down.  Orginally,  operated 3 nights a week, but later reduced to two - Monday and Wednesdays on 14.250, the time moving around a bit, winter to summer, but generally around  0200 Zulu (Summer) and 2300-0000 Zulu (Winter).  We now have moved to 14.304.  Join us!

After Tom's sudden passing, my "friends" on the net decided I would make a good replacement, as we all wanted to keep the group together.  A poor choice, since I'm not centrally located like Tom, have neither a beam nor a tower, and don't run his 1500 watts legal limit power (or did he run 50,000 watts?)  We used to give Tom a hard time for occasionally being a no-show at his own party, or being late.  But Tom was into a million things.  Now that I am the "annointed one", I am totally amazed that he was ever able to show up at all.  There's a lot more to this than meets the eye!

In any event, if you're reading this and have a License, feel free to swing by our new location - 14.304-310 around 2400Z and join in the fun.  Better to tune around a bit to uncover where we're hanging out that night.  Our current steady members, besides myself near Seattle, are Gary in Ottawa, Ontario,  Sam in Texas, Jay in Minnesota, Bob in Arizona, Jack in Oregon, Harry  near Tacoma, Dan in Fairbanks, Jerry in Florida, and Wayne on Maui.  A great group!

Meanwhile, here's to you Tom - WB0YNX.  The Voice of Iowa.   We miss you, pal.

73s and R.I.P.

Bob Bogash -  
 (Acting) Net Control
The Calabash Group

Here's a Link to Tom's Obit

And this Link will take you to the first page of the original Calabash Group  Website - which I  have now taken over.

Tom's Shacks
I photographed the following during my visit to Tom's QTH in October 2009.

"Studio B" - located at T&S Enterprises - the "Shop" where Sheryl ran her business and Tom kept his junk

Tom's pal Hershey greeting me at the door.          Tom's shop tower - notice the proximity of the high voltage transmission lines...

Studio "B" was dedicated to Vintage equipment

Studio "A" - the Home QTH

Another tower at home - the famous Mosley 20m Monobander
Hershey, keeping an eye on this strange guy.

Collins                                                           Johnson                                       Matched pair of Yaesu FT-1000MP MK-V's

Swan                                                                                                                  Collins

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