Aviation Safety has been a subject of great interest to me since childhood.  I started reading and collecting Aircraft Accident Reports about 1955 and since then have amassed a huge library of reports and materials. In my youth, I started a lifelong friendship with a neighbor - Jerry Lederer - who is often called the "Father of Aviation Safety." He served as a conduit for even more materials, especially from the Flight Safety Foundation - of which, he then was President. In my professional life, I participated in many large aircraft accident investigations, eventually becoming a full member of ISASI - the International Society of Air Safety Investigators.  In my retirement, my interest has continued unabated, with the added advantage of being unconstrained by the corporate  or Politically Correct world of the poor working stiff.  So, I say what's on my mind.  Here are some areas of current interest to me.

   Stabilizers - the History of Horizontal Stabs

   Autopilots and Stabs - the "slowly" running away stab stalls the airplane

    Deep Stall - some interesting history

    DC-8 and the 737 MAX

      Clipper Romance of the Skies - disappeared in Pacific

UAL DC-8 PDX    United DC-8 Portland

   Alaska Airlines DC-4 nr. Pt. Townsend, Washington