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Here are some stories you may find interesting.  I've led an interesting aeronautical life, and when some of my pals hear my stories, they start bugging me "to write book!"  I tell them "I have" - well, sort of - via pages on my website.  When I wasn't responsive enough for them, they asked someone to write the book for me.  So I responded in self-defense by penning a few of my own.  Here are a few for your enjoyment - in no particular order.

  An interesting 737 round-trip from Montreal to San Francisco

  An Arctic repair of a broken 737 thrust reverser in Fort Chimo

   Jump starting a 737 in a little different way in Labrador

An interesting tale of engine mount bolts
after an accident in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island

  A story about Dick Taylor, Ed Wells,
and Donald Douglas Sr. intertwined  with some tales of my misspent aviation youth.

The back-story about the engines
on the Boeing 737 Prototype airplane

  Brakes plumbed backwards on the Boeing 737 Prototype

   40 Years with Jim Blue

Steve Huemoeller and the 727 and 737 Prototype Airplanes

Kevin Lacey and the Super G Constellation

A Week with the Queen
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