...And the Ribbons of Steel for the Great Flanged Wheels show the Mountains who is Boss!

Following in the footsteps of the Great Northern Railroad.

  An eastbound drag with double-stacks leaves Sultan, Wash,
An eastbound drag starts the climb towards the Cascade Tunnel in pre-merger BN colors

GE C44-9W shows off the new Great Northern  BNSF paint scheme at Gold Bar, Wash.  Oct. 96       A closeup of GE C44-9W #981 at Gold Bar.

    The new post-merger colors on a westbound through Gold Bar

Emerging from West portal of 8 mile long new Cascade Tunnel, new BNSF GE locomotive 1047, a C44.9W leads a double stack in December 1996.

No, not leased power on this westbound leaving the Cascade Tunnel - now "Home Rails" for a unit with Santa Fe on the nose.

My Rail photo collection rivals my aviation collection.  Someday, I'll get this fleshed out, but until then, this is my Rail mini-presence.

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