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In 1954, Trans-Canada Air Lines (predecessor to the current Air Canada), was looking for a replacement for their Canadair DC-4M North Star airliners in order to better compete with DC-6 and DC-7 airplanes flown by competitors.  They settled on Lockheed's Super Constellation as that replacement.  Eventually, they bought and operated 14 airplanes, but the onset of jet airliners spelled an early end to the beautiful Connies.  Douglas DC-8s replaced them and by about 1962, all were gone.  One survived,  sort of,  Serial Number  4544.  It's flying days ended in 1965, and it was dismantled and moved  around the countryside.  Forty years later, mostly derelict, its luck appeared to have run out.

CF-TGE as situated at Toronto Airport - Summer 2005

But then, in 2005, the  Museum of Flight in Seattle  acquired this Lockheed L-1049G Super Constellation.  The aircraft was delivered originally to Trans Canada Air Lines (TCA) in 1954, and retired by them in 1962.  It was delivered as  CF-TGE (originally delivered as an L-1049C, later modified to L-1049G standard.)  Final negotiations and arrangements for acquisition of this great aircraft, which  were begun in 2001, were completed in 2005.  The activities concerning the dismantling, storage, government permitting, repair, repainting in original TCA colors, and transporting  back to Seattle are covered on this section of my website.  The airplane has taken its glorious place of honor with some magnificent other airplanes. The Museum, already home to a world class collection of airplanes, is becoming one of the great places to see historic transport aircraft, ranging from the Boeing Model 40, 80A and 247, Douglas DC-2 and DC-3, to the Boeing 707, 727, 737, 747, Lockheed Jetstar, deHavilland Comet 4C, and Concorde.

CF-TGE after structural repairs and repainting - Rome, NY - November 2008

The airplane arrived in Seattle on 4 Sept 2009, and after 1 year in storage, was placed on permanent display 19 Sept 2010.

I'm Bob Bogash and I'm the Project Manager for this aircraft's acquisition and restoration for the Museum of Flight.  I'm a retired Boeing employee and serve as an unpaid volunteer for this activity.  All comments are entirely my own.

I began this section of my website to document the recovery and restoration of this fine and beautiful airplane.  I also used it as a vehicle to "set the record straight" during a prolonged dispute involving exporting this airpane from Canada.   Much mis-information appeared in print and on websites.  But, over time, I acquired a lot of material on its history.  Many people wrote me and sent me original materials and photos. So I expanded and changed its focus to cover  the entire history of this fine airplane.  The recovery and restoration  remain the subject matter which has the most in-depth coverage.  There is also a lot of  general Connie info being added.

 Current Status - the airplane is on public display at the Museum of Flight

In this endeavor, we have had terrific support from 


     Click here for a quick photographic lookback at this airplane's 56 year history

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    More pictures of this airplane, its history and siblings

   Cockpit and Cabin Pictures

   A short history of the Ship of Destiny, and articles from Propliner Magazine

   An outline summary of this airplane from Connie Survivors website
Michael Ivanin

The M. Ferrand Years - December 1968 - July 1985

    The Bertrand Camirand Years  -  July 1985 - June 1996

   The Phillip Yull Restoration for the Regal Constellation Hotel  --  1996 - 2001  (Independent web site.)

               Aircraft Technical Data and Official Documents for CF-TGE

   Details of the Trans-Canada Air Lines Color Scheme

The Museum of Flight  in Seattle (MOF) acquired the aircraft in 2005 - the following recounts the events thereafter.

Activities In Toronto
  Disassembly in Toronto - January - March 2006

                               Interim Storage - March  2006 -  May 2007

    Transport  - Toronto to Rome, NY  -   June 2007

           Newspaper coverage with pictures

Activities at Empire Aero Center at Griffiss Airfield in Rome, New York

    Initial Repair Assessment -  July 2007

    My Friend - Kevin Lacey - EAC's Connie Team Leader

                        Landing Gear Refurbishment - September 2007

                        Reassembly - October 2007

        Towed and Hangared - November 2007

        Structural Repairs - November 2007 - July 2008

    Engines and Propellers

    Hangar Pictures - 2007

    Paint Stripping - January 2008

    Complete Reassembly -  May 2008

    Outside on the Ramp - July 2008

    Priming and Painting - October/November 2008

    Finishing up the Black - December 2008

    Complete and On the Ramp - Winter 2009

    Reborn - April 2009

    Reunion - 23 July 2009

    Transport from Rome, New York to Seattle, Washington - August 2009

Activities in Seattle

    Arrival at the Museum of Flight - 4 Sept 2009

    Reassembly at Boeing Plant II --   5 - 13 Sept 2009

    Into Boeing Plant II Hangar for final work and Interim Storage  - 15 Sept 2009

    Moved into Museum of Flight Display Location -  19 Sept 2010

    The People in the History of Super Connie CF-TGE

The below archival sections detail the situation surrounding the aircraft's acquisition by the Museum of Flight, and the controversy over its export from Canada.

    The REAL story about this Canadian "artifact" - The Cultural Heritage Battle

   Detailed condition pictures - August 2005

                                    41 Years of Neglect  

                                CF-TGE    TAM - "Rebuffed" at Every Turn???

                             The Recent Fight to Save this Aircraft 

CF-TGE Letters    Letters and Comments Supporting this Activity (2005 - 2006)

The "Players", some personal Notes, and Tech Data and Links.

 Bob Bogash, retired Boeing Executive, is the Museum's Project Manager for the Constellation

                       Why I like Super Connies !


        Super Constellation Technical Data (Large Files)


     Connie Links

A morale booster from the early days

And,.........IF,  we need a Reminder,....Here's why we're doing all this!

"What some believe is the most beautiful airplane ever built will be returning to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh in 2006, as the Airline History Museum’s Star of America Lockheed Super Constellation makes its first appearance at the event since 2004." 

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