Current Status - Restoration of Super Connie CF-TGE


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15 Sept 2009    Airplane moved into Boeing's Plant II for final restoration and interim storage

5-13 Sept 2009    Airplane reassembled after cross-country trip

4 Sept 2009    Arrival at the Museum of Flight in Seattle

August 2009    The airplane was disassembled and transported to Seattle, Washington

July 2009        An Old-Timers Reunion was held before transport to Seattle for people who had flown and worked on this airplane.

Dec 2008        The airplane structural repairs have been completed and the airplane has been re-painted

                          The airplane will be stored in Rome, New York for the winter and transported to Seattle next year (2009.)

                           The exact method of transportation is under study and is not defined at this time.

                           The airplane is NOT airworthy and will not be restored to an airworthy condition.

                            The airplane currently has no engines.  Four R-3350 engines have been donated, are on site at the                                     Museum,  and   will be installed after reassembly in Seattle.


Nov 2008        Painting in TCA colors

Oct 2008        Preparation for Painting

Sept 2008        Repairs completed   

July 2008        Outside - Final repairs in progress

May 2008        Complete reassembly

March 2008    Temporarily outside

Jan 2008        Paint is stripped.

November 2007    Structural repairs are underway

Friday 2 Nov 2007    The airplane was towed, using a modified DC-8 towbar, on its own landing gear, into a hangar for the balance of the repair, restoration, stripping and repainting work.  The airplane is now safely out of the weather for the winter.

Friday 26 Oct 2007    The fuselage was lifted by crane, and using cradles and jacks, the inboard wing panels were installed.  The overhauled landing gear was installed and the airplane was  lowered onto its own landing gear.  It will now be able to be towed around like a normal airplane.  First destination - inside a hangar for paint stripping and structural repairs.

September 2007  Commencement of structural repairs.  Repair and restoration of the landing gear.  New tubes and tires obtained as well as new nose wheels.  Nacelles reworked and repaired.

July-August 2007   Detailed  condition assessments performed on areas opened.   A phased work plan created and agreed to between the parties.

The second week in July, a detailed examination of the airplane was conducted at Empire Aero Center at the ex-Griffiss AFB in Rome, New York.  A Standards and Scope of Work for Repairs  Document was created and initial contract negotiations between the Museum of Flight and Empire Aero were conducted.

Friday 8 Jun 2007 The airplane was off-loaded from her transport vehicles with no major problems, and is now sitting on shoring outside the hangar in preparation for movement inside and reassembly.

Thursday 7 Jun 2007. Super Constellation, TCA / Air Canada's CF-TGE, crossed the border successfully into the United States about 2 PM EDT today,   It is now, as of about  10 PM EDT, sitting outside our overhaul contractor's hangar.

On Thursday, March 8, 2007, the Canadian Heritage Board sent a letter to Canada Customs instructing them to deliver an Export Permit for the airplane to the Museum of Flight.  Customs issued the Museum an Export Permit on 15 Mar 2007.

After an expensive mid-winter disassembly,  and a costly year in storage, we have begun detailed arrangements with Air Canada to move the airplane, to enable repairs and re-painting, followed by road transport to Seattle. 

The airplane, which we had hoped to have on display the first week in October 2005, will finally take its place next to the Concorde, Air Force One, and the other historic airplanes in the Museum's Air Park, hopefully during summer 2007. See here for details of the issuance of the Export Permit.


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