Connie Disassembly

 January / February 2006 in Toronto

On 15 Jan 2006, after 6 months of delays, due to lawyers, paperwork, alternating threats and obstructions from the GTAA (Greater Toronto Airport Authority), we began to dismantle ex-TCA Super Connie CF-TGE and remove it from GTAA property.

The airplane was surrounded by structures associated with its last use as a restaurant and bar.

Well, she sure looked good, even if she was over 50 years old.  Those great Super Connie lines.

Now, we've come to take her to pieces, and on to a better place.....but, where, we were uncertain.

   Starting to look a little forlorn

   Not a pretty sight

First it was mud

Then it froze

   Me and Catherine Scott

Spending the winter in YYZ -- not exactly how I planned my retirement .......

We rented space at a nearby semi-trailer storage yard.  For how long, we could only guess.

Props headed for storage yard


At the yard - temp about + 5 degrees F with a stiff wind - ice skates would have worked fine across the whole yard!


   One of the "famous" GTAA stands and cradle

Beginning tail removal

Up and off !

Onto the low boy trailer

A happy Andy

On truck awaiting move to storage yard (done at 5 AM Tues, .. or was it Weds - I can't remember......
Note the size of the trailer rig relative to the tail.  This is a BIG piece of hardware!

Over at the yard - a Super Connie appearing amongst the semi's


Just another 14 hour day at the ranch !  Damn, I love this job!  Oh!  Did I say it was cold?


   Watson's fuselage truck arrived  from Montreal

Starting on the Left Hand outer wing panel and tip tank

The joys of Canada in the wintertime  

No chaps, no slicker and it's pourin' down rain, I swear I'll never night herd again
Whoopee Ty Yi Yippee Yippee Yeah, Yippee Yeah..............

Getting ready to hoist the LH Outboard Wing Panel and Tip Tank


And, she's off !

Of course there has to be some fun diversions -- filming a CBC News camera crew film our activities

And the good old ever-present GTAA (Greater Toronto Airports Authority)

After removal of the Inboard wings

   Now, she really looks forlorn

The fuselage was then hoisted using the two cradles we manufactured, turned 90 degrees, and set down.

 Our crew plus Modern Crane

Airborne again,...sort of,....after more than half a century

The "Crew"

Tom, our welder - Dirty Rat!  Stole my hat!!!

Awaiting the move to the yard.

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