Super Constellation CF-TGE
Transport  -  Toronto to ex-Griffiss AFB
June 7, 2007

Former Trans-Canada Airlines Lockheed Super G Constellation CF-TGE was successfully transported from Toronto, Canada to a large aircraft overhaul base in the United States on 7 Jun 2007.  There, the airplane will be re-assembled, and a damage and condition survey will be conducted.  A work schedule for repair will be developed.  Following that, the airplane will be again disassembled, the desired repairs will be accomplished, the airplane will be stripped and repainted in 1954 TCA colors, and then prepared for road transport to Seattle, Washington.

 Randy Buol  

Thursday evening, 7 Jun 2007 - arriving at the overhaul base, after a long 16-18 hour day on the road.

The Story thus far....................

January - February 2006
   Removed from Toronto Airport

Disassembly Details here

March 2006 - June 2007

  In Semi-trailer Storage Yard - Ice skates anyone?

Storage Details here

June 2007 - The Move

An Export Permit (at long last) in hand, we converge on Polaris Yard.  This Lovely Lady is finally going to leave the mud, the semi-trucks, the bureaucracy, and 42 years of indifference behind..........

Starting with that great Triple Tail - hopefully the last mud puddles for this old girl

   Loaded, and ready to hit the road

She's big - 50 feet wide and 175 inches high (almost 15 ft.)

Some of the Crew

Some real aviation mechanics, finally, happy to see this ole gal heading for a better life.
In the middle is Our Lady of the Constellation - Catherine Scott - the true savior of this airplane.

Boy, have we got our work cut out for us.

Looks like the squirrels have been busy under those flaps!

Building holding stands and fixtures was an important job.

Now for the wings

And finally, that sexy fuselage

Thursday, 7 June 2007, on the road at last -- out of Toronto at 4 AM

That rig is about 145 feet long, and the low-boy trailer has 1 inch ground clearance!  (Not a typo)

After the journey up the 401, the convoy approaches the border.

That ought to turn a few heads!

And we're there!

A Lockheed Super G Constellation at U.S. Customs, re-entering the land of her birth.
She's been gone for 53 years...........and oh! if she could only talk, what stories she'd tell !

About 2 PM - 10 hours after leaving Toronto - and we've cleared U.S. Customs.
Because the loads were so wide and high, the convoy drove the first mile or so on the wrong
side of the Interstate.

With the freeway closed in both directions, it's crossing over to the southbound lanes.

And here it's lined up on the southbound shoulder, safely across the border, ready to move out.

Watson Transport from Montreal did a sensational job.  This is the third time they've moved this airplane!  

Due to unforeseen construction, the driver had to back the whole rig up for three blocks in downtown Rome, NY, to head off in a better direction.  Boy, that drew a crowd!

10 PM - 18 hours on the road - and the Lovely Lady has arrived at the former B-52 base at Griffiss AFB.


It's Friday morning, June 8th, and the tail is ready to be lifted off.  No more mud!!!

And next, the fuselage

The Lovely Lady is now in good hands and due for some long overdue T.L.C.

The next steps are partial reassembly, and damage assessment.  She will probably be resident there for all of the Summer, and into the Fall.

    Click here for Newspaper article on arrival.

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Photograph credits:  Randy Buol, Catherine Scott, Bob Bogash

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