J i m   B l u e

1929 - 2007    R.I.P.
Jim Blue

Dear Jim:

It's May 23, 2007, and,... Well, Jim,  you did it! Took that great trip across the divide, you know, the one we're all gonna take. Except we don't like to talk about it. Or think about it. Well, what the heck, as soon as you're old enough to figure it all out, you might as well go into permanent denial. The time will come soon enough. And, as you often said, "Everyone wants to go to heaven,....but nobody wants to die." Hope you don't mind if I share a few stories about you, old friend, so that others can appreciate the great guy you were.

Semper Fi, Good Buddy!

Your friend,

Bob Bogash

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A few recent pictures.....

Geeez, what a few years will do.  When Jim couldn't come to the annual Christmas party at the Museum any longer , his friends came to him.  This was in the Bremerton Elks Club.  A few white hairs reminiscing over the good old days.  Days when lunch was more than chicken noodle soup and an egg salad sandwich!
(L-R  Jack Wires, Bob Bogash, Dick Schwartz, and Jim Blue.)

Jim with Beau, his favorite dog

April 12, 2007, with son-in-law Bill.  Wearing his Boeing Totem hat, and enjoying a last (secret) stogie.

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