41 Years of  Neglect
The Real Condition of CF-TGE

There has been a lot written about Super Connie CF-TGE.  Much hand-wringing with the terms Culture and Heritage thrown around.  "Stealing our Heritage."  The fact is, this airplane has been mostly abandoned, mostly derelict, mostly un-cared for, and mostly un-loved for the better part of the past 41 years.  From Derry Road, she looks great.  An old girl still strutting her stuff.  Up close, is another story.  Whoever winds up with this airplane, and wherever that may ultimately be, someone has a lot of cleaning up and restoring to do......a lot!  I know, that's what I do for a living --- actually, I'm retired, so that's what I do to make tired old  airplanes into glamour queens once more.

The "Good"


The "Bad"


The "Ugly"



Compare these with the deHavilland Comet at the Museum of Flight's Resoration Center -- see it here


All landing gears welded


Wing-body attach angles.........and the only engine


Prop hubs all welded


The nacelles


Damage from previous moves

Sure glad there are so many people who really care about this airplane...................

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