"Prince" - c. 1969-1991 -  A Belgian 'Hitch Gelding'

Our Prince was a  special  horse,  a  very  special  horse.    He  was
beautiful  and  had a beautiful golden brown  coloration,  blond  mane
and  white  blaze  on  his  face.    His  white  feet, big brown eyes,
everything about him was beautiful.    Prince  was  BIG,  one  of  the
biggest  horses  in  North  America,  weighing  2600 lbs with his back
higher than my head.  He had an  enormous  neck.    Prince  was  "well
broke" which means he was superbly trained.  He functioned well in any
position  on a team of 2, 4, 6, or 8 horses or by himself.  He trained
many other horses put in next  to  him.    And  you  could  ride  him.

     Prince was B I G !

    I called him Blondie

Prince was famous.  He was born in Idaho and started his career  as  a
pulling  horse,  in  weight pulling contests.  Unlike most horses that
get "ruined" for other uses after being a puller, Prince  successfully
transitioned to all the other uses of a draft horse.  He showed at the
Cow Palace in San Francisco and the P.N.E. in Vancouver.  For years he
led the torchlight parade opening Seafair in downtown Seattle.  In the
cities,  more  than once his calm demeanor, superb training, and great
strength saved the hitch from having some serious untoward event. 

    My Big Boy

Prince  was  well behaved, meaning he had "barn manners." He had great
equanimity; nothing bothered him.  Firecrackers,  gunshots,  cars,  or
kids  -  nothing would spook him from his quiet self assurance.  Twice
he got his foot caught in fence wire and  stood  patiently  for  hours
waiting  for  someone  to  come  and extricate him, where other horses
would panic and kill themselves in the wire. 

    Prince loved to get harnessed and get to work


Prince was the  ultimate in  being  an  "easy keeper." He was happy by himself, or with others.

He was great friends with the sheep and careful around them. 

 He never got sick, pushed down the fences, or made any demands whatever on  us.

     Dot, with Prince

And  Prince  was  the  personification of the term for draft horses --
Gentle Giant.  Prince got a double dose of  those  ingredients.    Dot
could march him around, or work on his feet.  Barney the cat would eat
oats  with  him  from  his  dish, under that great head. 

   Prince and Barney, sharing oats for supper

Prince would follow me around as I worked on fences and put his big nose
in my back pockets, investigating the tools.  He was as curious as any  cat.
I called  him  my lap horse because he had the mind of a lap dog and the

body of a big horse.  I know he would have slept in the bed with us if
he could only figure out how to get in the laundry door.    He  didn't
bite  and he didn't kick.

Prince loved the attention of a horse show


Getting his mane braided.......for the 1985 Draft Horse Show


Check out those beautiful flower ribbons - Dot made them......and his horse cart

Prince lived about half his life with Fred Reuble  on  Camano  Island,
and  the  last  half with us.  He was about 22 years old when he died.
He was everything one could want in a horse and much, much more.  

 He was a lover and  a friend and we miss him enormously.  We shall
certainly never forget him, nor the fact that "someday, our Prince did
come."  He's  buried in his favorite spot in the shade of the woods in
the back pasture, where we can still visit  him,  and,  in  the  fall,
leave a few apples for our noble friend.


Copyright 2006-2007 Robert A. Bogash.  All Rights Reserved

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