The Ships of Admiralty Inlet

Hansville is a great place to watch marine traffic.  It faces Admiralty Inlet, otherwise known as the "Shipping Lanes."  Virtually all marine traffic headed for the Submarine Base at Bangor, the Navy Bases in Bremerton or Everett, the Ports of Seattle, Tacoma or Olympia pass down through "The Slot."  Container ships, oil tankers, ferry boats, tugs and barges, submarines, fishing boats and pleasure craft all dance in front of our windows.  While people in other areas have hydro boat races, we get to watch Cruise Ship races, as they jockey for position on their way to and from Alaska.  War and turmoil in the Middle East are brought close to home as aircraft carriers, cruisers, supply ships piled high with tanks and guns, and destroyers make their sad way outbound on long deployments to war-zones, or arrive joyous from many months in hostile waters. All with an exciting backdrop of  calm or wind-whipped seas,  islands, and, of course,  Mt. Baker and Glacier Peak watching over all.   Herewith a pot-pouri, a very brief sampling,  of  the ever changing  sights that get us always reaching for  the field glasses.


                   Container Cranes being shipped from China                                                     USS Shoup

Like a grey ghost, the nuclear powered aircraft carrier Abraham Lincoln, CVN-72, slides out of a foggy Puget Sound, leaving her HomePort of Everett for the Far East.  0828 hours  15 Oct 2004.



A traffic jam - submarine with two container ships



Guided Missile Destroyer - USS SHOUP (DDG 86)           Supply Ship USS Sacramento                           

                   USCG Cutter Mellon                                             Norwegian Cruise ship outbound for Alaska                      


 Aircraft Carrier Carl Vinson CVN-70, homeward bound from the Persian Gulf - 9 Feb 2004.

Washington State Ferry                                                Alaskan Containers inbound to Seattle

New Cars arriving from Europe                                            A Tug fighting a stormy sea





Cruise Ship Races !

Norwegian Cruise Lines  is ahead....                                                    Holland-America is catching up

   Take that, Carnival Cruise Line !


Ice Breaker Healy - newest, most advanced Ice Breaker in the World


                                                                            Aircraft Carrier USS Carl Vinson CVN-70

                                                                                                   Celebrity Cruise Ship Mercury

    Amphibious Assault Ship -- Bon Homme Richard

Coast Guard Ice Breaker Polar Star

















Oil Tankers, and.........                                                    Barges from Alaska


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