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N7001U (E1) has worn a number of paint schemes since it rolled out of the Boeing Renton factory in 1962.

First was the Boeing yellow and chocolate brown, which it wore throughout its Boeing flight test career.

When it was delivered to United, it wore a scheme similar to this sistership, shown in 1963 on the Boeing Renton Flight Line.

This is the livery we chose for the airplane.

Later, over the years, United cycled through a series on new corporate identities, which resulted in some of these liveries.

Finally, prior to donation to the Museum, the airplane was repainted in it's 1964 delivery scheme.

Unfortunately, the Pacific North West is a lousy place to store airplanes (or anything else) outdoors and over a quarter-century, that paint suffered serious deterioration, despite a number of wash and polish jobs.



As part of the refurb and relocation project, it was decided to repaint the airplane.  The services of Guy Amico and his crew from Global Jet Painting in California were enlisted.  Guy and his folks had done an outstanding job last summer repainting the 747 Prototype.

We are very pleased that United Air Lines has volunteered to pay for the repainting job.

PPG Aerospace donated the paint.

The airplane was washed and cleaned up as best as possible.  Then it was sanded down, spot primed, masked and painted.



Next, the airplane was masked.




Bob Bogash, T.C. Howard, unidentified, Guy Amico

Finally, it came time to paint the airplane.
A lot of people don't realize you can paint an airplane outside.
Well, as in this case, you have no choice.  So, we waited until summer.  Warm and (mostly) dry.

Another thing people are shocked about is - airplanes outside don't always get spray-painted.
They get painted with paint rollers.  Yes - good old paint rollers.
Works fine!




Guy Amico and painting crew.  Tom Cathcart photo.

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