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Personal photos from B-52 crewmembers

From Howard Butcher

From Bob Gee

Bob is a talented painter and this is one of his works

   Alan Kirby - RN

Carl Carnethon - NAV

Note the graffiti and Peace sign

From Richard Yerian

"D" Models were painted with black undersides

  Note the iron bombs on the external stores station

Enroute Viet Nam

Sack time over Greenland during Chrome Dome

Richard is a Ham radio buddy from Oregon, and built his own homebuilt airplane.
Many more pictures can be found on his Photo Album here.
Click on the pictures for descriptions of each photo.

From Kenneth Boone Sampson



Approaching Andersen AFB - Guam

From Anonymous

Full bomb bay load - Iron bombs

B-52H's at Davis Monthan

61-023 is the famous B-52H which had its vertical tail ripped off by mountain wave turbulence in 1964



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