The Story of Boeing B-52G 59-2584

   Midnight Express

Bob Bogash

Bob Bogash      
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The Boeing B-52 is the greatest combat airplane ever designed and built.  Period.  How else could you possibly describe an airplane that is still in front line combat duty 65 years after it was designed and first flown.  And is planned to remain in such service for another 25 years - perhaps longer.  A combat airplane that is 90 - 100 years old?  Hard to believe - but also true.

The Museum of Flight in Seattle is custodian of one of these magnificent flying machines - Midnight Express.  This is her story.  Click on the various pictures, or accompanying text, to go to that section of my B-52 web-section.

   Her Story in Brief

   The Origin of this Rescue

This page, dating back to 1995, was the start of our rescue journey, and I've left it as it has been for the past many years.

   The Ghosts of 2584

   Who are these men?  Section coming

   Linebacker II  - coming

   Detailed Pictures of our Airplane - Inside and Out

   Some Historic Pictures of our Airplane - coming

   A Reunion of her Crew - September 2012

    A Photo Album from the Vets

   Moving her out of the Grass - July 2017

  Repainting - August 2017

   My first Airshow in decades - September 2017

   Her new War Memorial Home

   Carl's Letter

   Project Welcome Home

   A detailed History of her Service - coming

   A B-52 Photo Potpouri - coming

   People and our BUFF - coming

                                                               Letters and emails I've received - coming

    Sistership B-52G
Mohawk Valley at Griffiss AFB in Rome, NY

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Any corrections, suggestions, additions, history,and especially photos - this B-52 and any B-52 are solicited.
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