Crew Reunion B-52 Midnight Express

Bob Bogash

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In September 2012. after a long period of arranging, the crew of B-52 2584 met again for the first time in 40 years at a Reunion held in Seattle.  They, and their families, toured the airplane, listened to several presentations, and held several dinners over the course of several days.  Here is a Photo Album of that occasion.

Getting up close to a B-52, and climbing inside, was a first for many of the family members.

See what I mean!
Kathie Gabriel and Linda Gee


The Invitation

  Pilot Jim Gabriel back in his seat

   Co-Pilot Walt  Wegesser

The Team - back together after 40 years

   EWO Bob Gee trying out his seat

  Gunner Ray Culver

Now there's a Pair!  Back home again.

   Here's Ray down beneath his guns

  RN Alan Kirby

Jim Farmer - Museum Trustee
Jim's B-52 got shot down over North Viet Nam and he was rescued.
He's still smiling....

Some Viet Nam Vets - L-R George Hazel, Charlie Doerlich, Pete Rogojin

I got to meet and become friends with Aircraft Commander Jim Gabriel

And then. the planned Highlight - recreating the Mission departure picture from Guam

40 years of history - a crew and their airplane - Reunited.
She took them in harm's way.... and she brought them home safely.

After a day at Paine Field, there was a B-52 and Linebacker II presentation in the Museum Theater.

Boeing Test Pilot Brien Wygle and Howard Butcher gave presentations

The Reunion Agenda


And, there were several dinners!

Bob & Linda Gee (rear) and Jim & Kathi Gabriel

Carl & Kimberly Carnethon

Ray & Jane Culver

  Howard Butcher presents pin to MOF staffer Julia Cannell

Viet Nam Vets - L-R Joe Crecca, Bob Gee, Bill Wilson, Jim Farmer, Larry Writer

An historic occasion and a good time was had by all!

The most important thing - a force was created that day to save 2584.
She had saved them..... now, they would save her.

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