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B-52G Midnight Express goes to an Airshow

Bob Bogash

Bob Bogash      
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After two and a half weeks getting a complete makeover - with sandings, washings, priming, and painting, our B-52 Midnight Express was finished on Wednesday, August 30, 2017.  Just in time, too, as she needed to move and be ready for her first Airshow that started on Friday!  Her first Airshow in decades, and she was ready!!!

The occasion was the 10th Annual Vintage Aircraft Weekend at John Session's Historic Flight Foundation on Paine Field in Everett.


Is that our BUFF?

It sure is!!!

Man - nothing like an Airshow

"I'm the Luckiest Girl, in the whole U.S.A."

Here's WASP Donna  ........   and a pair of Rosie the Riveters, young and old

Hot day, and a BUFF makes plenty of shade!


Let the flying begin!


After 26 years old, decrepit and forelorn - I'm the center of attention once more.
Man, I could do a Barrel Roll...


Just look at those birds

Listen to those round engines roar

Here's a Bob Hope Show - entertaining "the troops"
Hey, he was darn good
And I don't look too bad either..... if I have to say so myself

My pal Bob Bogash says everyone came to see his Mighty RV-12

Say Bob - there were a few other airplanes there too, you know.

Why Boeing even did some production test flying
Like with this Thai Airways 787

Well, well, well - the end of a long and eventful day.... a day I thought would never come again.
Thanks to everyone who made this day possible....and are making it possible.
Just think, I could have wound up as one of those pop cans in the recycle bin.
But - I didn't.

"I'm the Luckiest Girl, in the whole U.S.A."

2584 served our country and the brave men who flew her.
Now, she's counting on you to help save her.
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