Boeing 727 Prototype Airplane

Restoration Team
and "Others"

Our Mission:  Fly the Boeing 727 Prototype Airplane - One More Time! 

It takes a lot of people to make this dream come true.
And - they're all Volunteers.  Hard work.  No pay.

There is usually someone working regularly on the airplane.  They are normally there Tuesdays through Thursdays, and frequently Fridays and Saturdays too (The Restoration Center is "officially" closed on Fridays, but is often open - no guarantee.)  Helpers are always welcome!   Directions:  Refer to Annex Page


                           TC HOWARD            CREW CHIEF







   STEVE HUEMOELLER  -  Chief Mechanic - Emeritus


After more than a decade of hard work on this airplane, Steve has moved out of the area.  We miss his efforts and companionship, and will forever value his immense contributions.

Yes - that's Steve up on top of the stabilizer!




Rich Stein                                                        Scott Shurtleff


Al Horne                                                                Jim Munneke


Dan Dilgard                                                                  Lawrence Litchfield


Richard Johnson                                John Catanzaro


Ryan Best - Before he climbs in the fuel tank - and what he really looks like

     Landon Nye

       Andrew Lease                                       Marabelle Smith





David is unique.  He's a senior executive at M.I.T.  and is in love with this airplane. He's only able to help out about once a year, often on his vacation.  Oh, did I say?  - David lives in Boston.


             David McKee                                          Ralph Bernard


               Barb Hyde                                          Tim Spencer

               Morgan Barbour                                    Bill Bush

                 Simon So                                                Megan Betts

                    Lee Umsheid                                        Lawrence Pintor

           Irving Jensen - Honorary Volunteer
  Irv is from Sioux City, Iowa and has been a major parts and financial contributor to the project.


   BOB BOGASH  -  Crew Chief Emeritus and Project Manager


Some Past Volunteers and Work Scenes




Renee Lachman, Morgan Barbour, Steve Huemoeller, Grey Clark, Bruce Sutherland, Unidentified youngster




Morgan Barbour, Bruce Sutherland, T.C. Howard





 After tire change "party" - 8 main wheel changes in one day!


                           T.C. Howard, Bob Bogash, Jim  Munneke, John Brown, and David Capodilupo










And - other interested folks who come from all over the world to see this airplane.  Many have flown or worked on the airplane.

   Becky Wallick - daughter of Lew Wallick - 1st pilot

        Capt. Tom M.


        Landon Nye


If you see your picture without your name, send me an email and I'll add it.

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