On 2 March 2016, E1, the 727 Prototype airplane, made it's final flight from Paine Field in Everett, Washington to the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field.  While at Boeing Field it was polished, visited by Museum visitors, appeared as the lead-off Star of the Boeing 100th Birthday Celebration in July, and was displayed in the Air Park north of the Museum, next to Air Force One.

On 1 November 2016, it, along with Air Force One and the Boeing 247, were moved into their final places in the Museum's new Aviation Pavilion, where they will be safely under cover.  This photo essay shows this move.  Other sections of my website will show the moves of the other aircraft.

To prepare for the move, three airplanes already in the Pavilion had to be moved out, and the DC-2 repositioned into the SW corner. Concorde and the B-29 were positioned on the Bravo taxiway south of the Air Park, and the B-17 was spotted onto the Air Park ramp.

The 727 and Air Force One  were moved from the Air Park to the north side of the Bravo taxiway.

The 727 and Air Force One  were moved from the Air Park to the north side of the Bravo taxiway.

One element of these aircraft moves was key - it was the very last time these airplanes could be viewed outside, and in the clear.  Once in the Pavilion, of necessity, they would be jammed in tightly with their stablemates.

Staged and ready to move across the highway.

Across East Marginal Way for the First and ONLY time.

This is what all the work was for - to fly the airplane into Boeing Field.

It was to move into her new and permanent home

Moving to a safe location under cover in the new Aviation Pavilion

Thanks to the Museum management and supporters for building this great new building.



Adjacent to her new neighbor - RA001 - the 747 Prototype

Tired work crew takes a short break

In position - the very last photo opportunity before the other airplanes moved into the open space.

and here comes the DC-2

Thanks to the great volunteers who made this day possible.

E1 - N7001U - the 727 Prototype - in her new, and finally permanent, home.
In company with Giants.....