DC-4 / C-54 CF-IQM

DC-4 / C-54 Airplane CF-IQM is over 75 years old - and still in revenue service!

Here are a few pictures I took when she was with Nordair.

10 Feb 1970 - Flight from Montreal (YUL) to the Falconbridge Nickel Mine at Raglan Lake in Northern Quebec.  Flt time = 5:40

Overhead the mine.  The strip is barely discernable in the upper RH corner.

Now, this is flying!  No cabin attendant.  No meals.  And definitely no movie!

On the ground at Raglan Lake.

Like most places in the North, Raglan Lake has been renamed - currently it is
Ivujivik Salluit

Current temperature - 27 Jan 2008 1950Z - is :  -20F/-29C VFR

I'm a DC-4 fan and flew this airplane extensively from 1968 - 1972.  She's still in service!!!

Those were the "good ole days!"

IQM at Whitehorse - April 2010
Like the Eveready Bunny - she just keeps goin' and goin'

Two photos of IQM during her earlier days

Loading freight in Montreal

European charter in Prestwick, Scotland

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