Repainting B-52G 2584 Midnight Express

Bob Bogash

Bob Bogash      
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On 14 Aug 2017, Guy Amico and his crew from Global Jet Painting arrived to begin the task of re-painting our B-52.  The job was to be done on the Kilo 6 taxiway, made available by Boeing who is leasing it from the County.  Guy and his crew are well known to us as he has previously repainted our 727 and 747.  This webpage will show the activities as our girl gets a complete makeover after 26 years.

Painting location - Taxiway Kilo 6

My taxi N737G - parking location - right behind the airplane

WARNING!  Some of these pictures are graphic.  Parental guidance is advised.

First the airplane is sanded - starting with the tail and working forward.

Not sure this makes her look better than before!


After Round Two of the sanding

She's a BUFF alright

Now it's time to pressure wash - Saturday Aug 19

Time to go home for the day

"RV 737 Golf, you're Number Two for take-off following the departing Pan Am DC-3.  Caution - Wake Turbulence."

Geez - where else could you have such fun?  Like being in a time warp.  Living in the Past.
Actually, I do live in the Past, as I prefer it to the Present....

Stay tuned for further updates......

Wednesday Aug 23, 2017

Well, with the sanding and washing over, it's time for some Priming and Masking.

Lot of bare spots need priming after the sanding

And now masking for the Camo

Gonna be White on the  belly

We're modeling from photos of Viet Nam B-52s

The FLIR pods

A week of prep under our belts, it's time to break out those paint cans and get serious



A two-part aircraft epoxy laquer - donated by Sterling


With a drawing in hand and our weapon of choice - a 6 inch foam paint roller

Yes!  You can paint airplanes with paint rollers - we do all the time - and it looks great!
That's what we did with our 727 and 747.


OK, Muchachos - "Present - Arms!"

Good-bye Old Me - I'm about to get a makeover


Suit Up!  Hook Up!  Bucket Up!



The Magic begins

from Guy Amico

The camo colors, all the three shades of green, were all donated by Leo Mitchell from Sterling Lacquer. Leo sent us enough to do two B52's. When Austin and Sherry have completed the engine nacelles and next year when the B52 makes it to The Museum of Flight, there will be plenty for touch up. When I asked Leo last year, for his support, he didn't even think about, he immediately said yes!

What was that!!!???

Why - it's just a Grumman F8F Bearcat doing a low pass.
Doesn't everyone have one of those?

503 mph in level flight.  I think she was only doing 250.....


Starting to notice a difference?


Well, time to call it another day

"37 Golf, hold short of 34 Left for a KLM 787 departing 16 Right to the south."
Those Paine Controllers sure know how to take care of me - an opposite way takeoff with a quick turn to the West and home at Port Townsend.

Geez, I love this job.  Ooops, it's not a "job" - I forgot.  I'm a volunteer.

Keep staying tuned - the best is yet to come.

Thursday - August 24, 2017

Not to disappoint - three pictures from Guy Amico today!
Global Jet Painting

S T U N N I N G  ! ! !

Friday August 24, 2017



Starting on the White


The underside of the B-52 was originally white for its nuclear role.
"D" models used in Southeast Asia were switched to black.
"G" models retained their nuclear capability and stayed as white.

Some of the Magicians

Look at the reflections - pretty amazing transformation!

from Guy Amico

Four kits of the white were donated by Mike Suhara and Akzo Nobel Aerospace coatings. We went through the first four kits of white so quickly (very large wings} I called Mike Suhara and he came through, barely at a moment's notice, and overnighted four more kits of white. He also did not have to think about it. He just did it and made it happen.

Our BUFF with about three days left to re-paint completion

Monday August 28. 2017

Second coat on the camo over the weekend - going full bore on the white




Really starting to look good!

Goose bump time....

Tuesday - August 29, 2017

Pretty much the completion of the repaint.
Touch-ups and Markings applications.
A few Markings (SAC emblem, Castle AFB emblem, Midnight Express nose art) will be applied later.
Also, all the maintenance stenciling.

The Three Musketeers

Bob Bogash - Museum Volunteer
Tom Cathcart - Museum Chief of Aircraft Collections
Guy Amico - President, Global Jet Painting

Born Again!

December 18, 1972
Andersen AFB, Guam

Lest we forget......

2584 served our country and the brave men who flew her.
Now, she's counting on you to help save her.

The paint was free, but the painters?  They don't come free.
Wanna help in a real way to paint this Old Girl - click below

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